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k playground final Welcome to Kplayground

Hello everyone,

This is Kenneth from Battleendless.  Thank you for all the support that I’ve received all these years especially in the past months when everyone was wondering  the going of BE.  I now want to present you all to Kplayground-  the new online shop which in essence is the carry over of Battleendless products and services.   As been in the past (BE), we care very much about our customers and will always aim to provide each of you with the best customer service and of course with the unique high quality products that you all deserve.

Presently, we have the all time popular Mugen style& CTR style body kits and mugen style window visors all back in stock!  For those who’ve been waiting for a long time, this is the opportunity to grab the hot items while they are available.. but let me tell you they are going fast.  We also now carry carbon fibre auto accessories, amongst them the very popular carbon fibre rear view mirror. 

Have a look at my brand new website www.kplayground.ca and see what you like and email me with any questions or if you want to place an order!  Contact us at sales@kplayground.ca .

Again, I want to extend a warm welcome to you all, and thank you all for your support .

Leave comments on what you think of the new site.



About Kplayground

Kplayground is a company with an expertise in Automotive Body Kits and Automotive Accessories. Kplayground's products are mainly made with PU, PP, and Carbon material. We have body kits for 8th generation Honda Civic; BMW 3 series E90/E92 and 1 series E87; 8th generation Honda Accord; 2009+ Honda Fit; and other Automotive Brands. Kplayground is also well known for having an extensive 10+ years of experience organizing professional Track Events. Connect with Kplayground via: www.kplayground.ca, EMAIL : sales@kplayground.ca, www.facebook.com/Kplayground.BodyKit.TrackEvents www.twitter.com/KplaygroundInc
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